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Many companies now offer a wide range of organic and environmentally sensitive products. With the rising Green house gases and Carbon footprints along with the ever increasing costs associated with the manufacture and supply of Steel banding, United Industries is proud to align ourselves with more sustainable building products. The ultimate beneficiary of any Recycling/Waste reduction programs would be our future generations, and the greater effects of our efforts would occur long after we are gone.

   "Combining good consideration is our commitment. Bringing forward solutions is our goal."

Woven polyester strapping is specifically formulated to meet or exceed the break strength of steel banding of up to 5000 lbs tested break strength!! It is safer/easier to work with, and more gentle on your products than steel. This strap is rust resistant and reusable. United Industries offers a full line of strapping, buckles, dispensers and tools. Contact us today for an eye-opening demonstration. Resistant to UV rays,organic, inorganic acids, bleaches and other oxidizing agents. Ez Safety Strapping is a safer and more product friendly alternative. When removed, it does not "whiplash" unlike steel strapping, without sharp edges, light and soft, it does not cause injury. Due to a high capacity to absorb shocks and vibrations, it does not damage the goods in transport.

EZ Safety Strapping System offers a superior, safer alternative to steel banding. Our high-tenacity woven polyester strapping system is specifically formulated to meet or exceed the break strength of steel banding. Our strap is not only a superior alternative for all your containment needs, but provides a safer environment for your employees and customers.
Our exclusive phosphate-coated buckles have a higher joint-efficiency than any other buckle available and are a perfect companion to the EZ Safety Strapping system. You will be confident that your bundle will remain secure.
Tensioning Tools
We carry a wide variety of high performance tensioning tools for almost any application. The MT-1 has no moving parts and can be used to tension materials from wood to rebar. You'll be sure that we can provide you with the best tool for your particular application.
Our rugged steel-framed dispensers with pneumatic tires feature, tool tray and buckle storage, making any job easier. Each dispenser can adjust to hold 1 coil of 5/8" or 3/4", and 1 coil of 11/2" to 2" strapping.
Portable Kits
Our Starter and Driver kits are customized for your companies specific daily operations. Whether you're in the yard or driving to a location to pick up a return, these kits let you try our exceptional products and system at a very low cost.
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